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This is a demo of the Smartly Done Design


Try to imagine your company's logo, colors and content in place of the demo content we've provided.

Accomplished has a very compact, sticky top navigation area. This works well with horizontal, rectangular-shaped logos. Other shaped logos can look too small in such a compact area.

Grab Your Customer's Attention

With a Good Call To Action

The Call To Action component is a great way to call attention to actions you want your website visitors to take. Include buttons to guide your visitors to where you most want them to go.

Put content side by side with a

Split Component

This split component combines a text component with a gallery component. There are 14 different components you can use to mix and match for different needs.

  • Accordion/Tabs
  • Alert Box
  • Data List
  • Embed Code
  • Form
  • Gallery
  • Grid Layout
  • Instagram Feed
  • Links
  • Pods
  • Sitemap
  • Subpage Listing
  • Text
  • Windows


The windows component is another fun way to show groups of related items such as products, services, team members, etc.